Adventure is worthwhile -Aesop-

Let’s Sail Away

What a better way to explore the world than from the deck of a luxurious cruise ship? Cruise travelling is nothing like it used to be in the old days, when people would board a ship only to relax on a sun lounger all day long -not that you can’t do so, if that is what you want. Nowadays cruises are all about people of all ages exploring the most unique parts on the planet, while having a blast and experiencing one-of-a-kind adventures in different spots on the map.

From visiting ancient ruins and colonial towns to hiking through tropical jungles and swimming in hidden waterfalls in the Caribbean to sailing through Antarctica, watching whales splashing in the Pacific Ocean and taking the train deep into the world’s last frontier in Alaska and from discovering Viking footprints in Norway and getting to know the Celtic culture in Ireland to scuba diving and sunbathing in the most magical beaches of Asia or visiting the most renowned ports of Europe, a cruise is the best way to have it all in the most stress-free and generous manner.

At My Blossom Travel we can create the perfect cruise experience for all tastes and budgets literally all around the globe, thanks to our loyal and esteemed partners in all five continents. Our experienced Travel Designers can design the ideal adventure for you and your loved ones, either you are looking to pump up your adrenaline with extreme sports and off-ship experiences, or to just relax all day soaking the sun and enjoying the impeccable on-board services, or both! Do note that a luxurious cruise can constitute the best present for someone you love, or you really want to impress, as there is surely the most unique present one could ever receive.


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