Charter flights

    Sky is the limit! 

    We can give you over a million reasons why to choose charter flights over commercial flights and again we wouldn’t nail them all
    Either you choose to fly by helicopter or a private flight to your chosen destination, or destinations, there is literally no comparison to the freedom and space this mean of travelling can offer you.

    Nowadays, and especially in the post-covid era, even those that dismissed private flying as an unnecessary extravaganza are coming around, as commercial flying is getting more and more complaints every day. From saving yourself precious time, either you are travelling for business or pleasure, regarding endless security lines, flight delays or cancelations, and waiting for your baggage to arrive, to ensuring your privacy, safety and of course comfort, private flying is the best favour one can do one’s self.

    At My Blossom Travel we can arrange private flights, via helicopter or charter planes, from wherever in the world you are to wherever in the world you want to be in the most hassle-free, easy, and organised way. The only thing you need to do is tell our Flight Experts what you need, and everything else will be taken care of in the blink of an eye.