Tinos Barefoot Package

For the beach Lovers, a must seen list of Tinos beaches

Agios Fokas is actually one of the longest and most beautiful beaches of Tinos. The beach stretches for kilometres along the entire line of the town to the beach of Agios Sostis. Those who swim close to the town will enjoy a plethora of tourist facilities as well as a snack-bar and plenty of restaurants. 


Kolimvithra is a natural seawater basin with two sand-covered beaches. The smaller one has deckchairs and umbrellas, a volleyball net, freshwater showers and WCs.


​​Agios Ioannis beach has beautiful natural features like the crystal-clear waters, the soft sand and the lush green area make this bay one of the most cosmopolitan beaches of Tinos. It offers various facilities beach bars and taverns.

Pachia Ammos is an idyllic beach located 10km from the main town of Tinos. It is one of the most isolated and exotic beaches with fantastic dunes of fine golden sand that end to the beautiful deep blue sea. The area is quite inviting for its unspoiled and peaceful surrounding and there are no beach facilities to disturb this wonderful experience.

Agios Romanos is a long sandy beach right below the developed settlement with crystalline blue water and soft sand. Along the sandy shore are plenty of trees for natural shade and a cozy tavern some meters away from there. The beach offers a clear view to neighbouring island of Syros and the remote beach of Apigania with crystal waters which is accessed through a rough path.

Ormos Isternion is a small scenic port with adjacent pebble seashore and fishermen’s huts along the water’s edge. A two-minute walk will bring you to a sandy beach well protected from the wind. You will also find a couple of taverns and a cafe within a walking distance from the beach.

Koumelas and Malli are two beaches in the North that, apart from being gorgeous, they are always well-protected, even when the winds are harsh. In any case, ask the locals which beach to swim at should the winds be strong.

Tinos Sailing Tour​

This tour starts at 10:00am and lasts 7 hours with skipper and guide included. You pass by the western cape of Tinos, crossing the bay of Agios RomanosKantani beach ,where you will stop for a swim, Agios Petros beach, Ysternia bay and the settlements of Malli and Koumela!

Swim in the crystal-clear waters of Malli and Koumelas overlooking the neighbouring island of Andros and the island with the lighthouse. Delicious traditional dishes and local products are offered on board and according to your preferences. It is possible to stop for lunch at one of the famous seaside restaurants in Ysternia bay  or Giannaki bay. 

Surfing Lessons

The first surfing center in the Cyclades islands, Kolimvithra Surf Lessons opened in Tinos island and particularly at the beach of Kolimvithra. It offers surf tuition, surfboard rentals, and other water sports equipment, like bodyboard, canoe, kayak and skim board rentals.

Kolimvithra beach is located on the northern side of the island facing directly the north Aegean Sea. The strong northern wind Meltemi that blows in summer months, particularly July and August, create great waves for surfing.

Diving Lessons

Paesino Diving Centre offers diving experiences and courses. Reefs, sea caves and shipwrecks are the focus of attention for divers of all levels. In Kionia, you will find a diving school that will help you experience the beauty of scuba set.

The underwater microcosm of Tinos is filled with different images of  unknown places of abundant and wild beauty. In ‘Balo‘, one of the most special dives takes place. Another special dive for divers visiting the island takes place at ‘Skala’, which is reached by boat.

Via Ferrata of Tinos

In the centre of Tinos, under the hill of Exomburgos, the largest Via Ferrata of the Cyclades has been created.

An easy hike with a bit of a 1000 meter hike that circles the hill. Steep slopes, ravines and small passages offer a unique hiking experience, while the view from above along the way will surely fill you with rich images.

Climbing in Tinos

In Tinos you can explore another interesting activity, climbing. At the inland of the island approximately 7 km from the port, stands the impressive granite hill of Exomvοurgο mountain. The Climbing Sport field spreads in the scarp side of the Exomvοurgο hill.

The difficulty levels of the routes vary, so it is ideal for both beginners and experienced climbers. There is a variety of 9 sectors with a total of 90 routes. So, if you are ready to try something less known but with adrenaline while you are on holidays in this amazing island, then climbing the hill of Exomvοurgο is the right activity for you. The Exomvοurgο mountain has a long history which goes back in ancient times, with remains of the ancient Greek city as well as the ruins of the Venetian castle. One thing is certain, that you will definitely enjoy spectacular views while climbing.

Tinos Trails

For lovers of nature and hiking.Through a hiking trails network that exceeds 150 kilometers, you will discover an authentic, unexplored island of the Cyclades, hospitable and impressive all year round! Choose one of the dozens of routes to tour the island’s trails.

The program “Alternative Forms of Tourism – Itineraries for the Promotion of Cultural Interest” marked and restored paths in areas of great cultural interest. There are ten official trips included in this program. Hiking doesn’t have to be your hobby, so whether it’s your first attempt or not and whatever your fitness level, you’ll be able to discover dozens of trails suitable for you with hiking maps and directions from willing locals.​

Bouldering in Tinos

In Tinos there is a globally unique geological phenomenon that makes it an ideal destination for bouldering. Bouldering is climbing low rocks without using a rope.

In Tinos there are huge, round, granite rocks that extend over an area of about 18 km2. Several such rocks are spread across this area and there are over 500 bouldering “problems” of varying difficulty. You can get all the necessary equipment as well as all the necessary information about bouldering areas and enjoy climbing big rocks safely.

Cycling in Tinos

Explore Tinos by bike and be enchanted by the landscapes but also by the shepherds with their various animals that you will meet on your way.

Tinos is a big island, so you have many options with different routes, either through villages or around the sea. Whichever route you choose, you will be delighted and enchanted by the beauties of this Cycladic island.

Yoga & Massage

While you are in Tinos you can relax by participating in a Yoga Retreat or Workshop which take place either in a yoga studio or outdoors, on beaches and locations of unique natural beauty.

You can choose between different kinds of yoga and also different types of massage according to your needs and in that way you will relax your mind, body and soul on you holidays in Tinos.

Fishing in Tinos

Those who love fishing, will be impressed by the clear, blue waters of Tinos and the variety of fish. You can fish with a line or a pole in the mainland,  or by boat with locals who know the good spots for good fishing. Some of the fishing spots on land are the piers of the two harbors, old & new and the lighthouses.

Either way you will enjoy yourself and you will be amazed on how many fish you can catch. Even though you may think that the strong winds may try to prevent it from happening they will help you.

Cave of Panormos

In Tinos there are many caves, specifically 13, one of them is the Panormos Cave. It is located at the northwestern end of Panormos bay in the area where Kavalourko beach is located, near the small Kamara cape.

The cave was discovered in 1854, inside a marble quarry, and consists of two chambers. The outer part is quite rocky and is filled with uneven rock layers. The entrance is small and downhill, and you must bend down to enter. There is a chance that there are bats inside the cave, which as soon as they sense a human presence will fly out aggressively, so you need to be very careful. Entering the cave, you will be able to admire wonderful stalactites and stalagmites.

Full Day Jeep Tour

The tour starts at 09:30a.m. with private transfer from & to your hotel with an experienced guide. Depart from the Old Port of Tinos Town and drive to Agios Ioannis, Lichnaftia to the lighthouse of Leivada. Then, stop at Exombourgo Mountain  for some panoramic views. You drive through a unique landscape of Falatados and Kakia Skala, full of big rounded granite rocks, to reach Kolimvithra Bay for your first swimming stop.

Then you will enjoy traditional Tinian tastes at your lunch at the village of Aetofolia, before you take the road to Malli and Koumelas. You will fall in love with these two beautiful fishermen’s villages at the west of the island. Your final stop will be at Vathi for an evening swimming at this small and quiet beach.

Wine Tasting

Enjoy a wine-tasting tour at T-OINOS, the most well-known Falatados winery with the vineyards Clos-Stegasta and Rasona with the impressive steep terraces and taste the top wines produced under the guidance of the world-renowned winemaker Stephane Derenoncourt.

The winemaking team will guide you step by step from making till tasting the top signature wines of the winery.

Nissos Cyclades Microbrewery

Producer of the Cycladic, Silver European Beer Star Awarded NISSOS Beer. The Nissos Cyclades Microbrewery at Tinos island was created in 2012.

An old stone building was repurposed and graciously refurbished in order to house the sizeable equipment of the brewery which came from all around the world. Taste the island’s local beer, make a tour of the production area and see the beer production process from beginning to end.

Giannoulis Halepas Museum - Museum of Tinian Artists

In the village of Panormos or else Pyrgos , at the main entrance of the village, next to the Museum of Tinian Artists, is located the Giannoulis Halepas Museum where it used to be the actual house of the famous sculptor Giannoulis Halepas.

At the rooms of the very well preserved Tinian residence, the visitor can admire the personal belongings of the top contemporary Greek sculptor, family photos, hand notes, furniture, household utensils, drawings and sculptures of the artist, his tools and his workshop.

The opening hours of the Museum of Tinian Artists are Tuesday – Sunday from 11:00a.m. – 05:00p.m. Monday is closed.

The opening hours of the Giannoulis Halepas Museum are daily from 11:00a.m. – 02:30p.m. & 05:30p.m. – 09:00p.m.

Marble Craft Museum

In Pyrgos, the largest village of Tinos, which is declared a traditional settlement, and one of the most picturesque spots of the Cyclades, there is the Marble Craft Museum.

In the museum the technology and the course of the marble, from its extraction to the creation of the work of art, are presented.

The opening hours are daily from 10:00a.m – 06:00p.m., Tuesdays is closed.