Santorini Deluxe Package

For the beach Lovers, a must seen list of Santorini beaches

Red beach is a 20-minute drive south of Fira, and the walk down to the beach can be steep for some. The pebbly sand here is red and the backdrop is stunning. There’s not a lot here besides the unique scenery.

Vlichada beach is one of the most unusual beaches in Santorini, with a long stretch of coarse black sand with white, moon-like, volcanic cliffs looming behind, shaped over millennia by the wind, sand, and sea. This is a semi-organized beach, with umbrella and sunbed rentals and dotted with a few tavernas and bars close to the beach.

Kamari beach is the busiest, most family-friendly beach. Kamari beach is pebbly, so the water is extraordinarily clear. There are several affordable, all-ages beach clubs along the main path offering beach chairs and umbrellas. It’s the closest of any of the beach towns to Fira and is separated from Perissa beach by a hill called Mesa Vouno, but the two beaches are connected several times a day by water taxi.

Perissa and Perivolos beaches are essentially one very long beach, with Perissa at the north end turning into Perivolos to the south. Perissa is separated from Kamari by Mesa Vouno, as mentioned above, but connected by water taxi and a hiking trail. The beach at Perissa is a pebbly, sandy mix, which gets sandier farther south. This is a mostly family-friendly beach but with a little more of a party vibe at the beach clubs here. Moving south along Perissa for a kilometre and a half, the beach changes its name to Perivolos, which is the most upscale beach in Santorini with a good number of luxury hotels, high-end beach clubs, and fine dining restaurants.

Wine Tasting Tour

In this wine tour you will be picked up in a comfortable private car. First stop, the caldera and vineyards for a brief explanation of  how things are done here, from pruning to harvest. With this step you will understand just how miraculous these wines are. We will visit three distinctive, charming but different,  award-winning wineries where you will  taste and discover the amazing wines pairing with local meze and get to know the different styles and labels.

Traditional Sail Yacht Cruise

Sunset Cruise begins from Oia and the picturesque Ammoudi bay. First stop is in Thirassia island for a refreshing swim and snorkelling in its crystal-clear waters. We continue sailing towards the Volcano and the Hot Springs. Discover the magic of geothermal energy swimming in the thermal springs of the Volcano. Enjoy your dinner at the hidden coves of the Black Mountain and sail close to the impressive White Beach and Red Beach, experiencing the most famous sunset in the world, just before your disembarkation at the port of Vlichada.

Walking Tour of Oia

Your local guide will take you on a journey back in time, through a winding path with stunning panoramic views of Santorini and the deep blue horizon. Follow the footsteps of the affluent merchants of the island, feel the energy of the volcanic caldera, and explore the backroads of Oia. Discover and experience breathtaking villages through the eyes of a local. The tour includes complimentary round trip transfers, English speaking experienced local walking guide, wine tasting session of 5 unique award winning wines.

Late Night Fira

The main town, Fira, naturally has the most nightlife, with bars open till about 3 a.m. and clubs till dawn. The main streets to head for are Marinatou and Erythrou Stavrou, with the surrounding streets also throbbing with clubs and bars.

An unforgettable sunset

An Instagram-Worthy View! The entire island is so Instagrammable you’ll be spoilt for choice, but visiting Oia for the spectacular sunsets will guarantee color, only matched by the island’s red beach and black beach. Yes, they really are that color.

The cascade of whitewashed buildings, dotted with windmills and blue dome churches, form a stunning backdrop for photographers. As the sun goes down, these buildings glow in pinks and oranges and yellows. The moment the sun disappears below the horizon, the crowds literally applaud and cheer. It can be an unforgettable moment for many people.

If you plan to visit Santorini, most likely watching the sunset in Oia is on your to-do list. If so, we have two spots to try. One is at Oia Castle, definitely the most popular photo point in Oia. The second one is a bit more secret, but we are here for you! It is from a particular spot on Oia Castle. To get here, walk onto Oia Castle, walk up onto the higher lookout point, and then keep going. Walk down the steps onto the large, flat terrace and then turn right and take in the view. On Google Maps, this photo spot is labeled Lookout Oia Panoramic View. This is a great spot, because not only can you look out over the windmills but you also get a nice view over Ammoudi Bay.

If you leave Oia instead and walk for 10 minutes on the path towards Fira, you‘ll come to the charming Church of Mikros Profitis Ilias, where the sunset view is equally spectacular.

Diver’s Delight - Snorkel in the Volcano Sea

Explore the world of Scuba Diving & Snorkeling in Greece. Dive in Santorini crystal waters and enjoy a top diving experience!

The stunning beauty of Santorini isn’t limited to the land; it also extends to the sea depths that so impressed Jacques Cousteau back in 1975 when he was searching for the lost city of Atlantis in the caldera. Thanks to the exceptional underwater visibility (25-35 m), the mild water temperature (up to 24°C in summer) and the submarine topography, it‘s considered one of the best places in the Mediterranean for scuba diving.

As you descend into the caldera, you’ll discover firsthand the form and composition taken by the petrified lava after the massive prehistoric eruption. You’ll see volcanic chimneys and the walls off the islets of Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni, as well as volcanic step formations that begin at the surface and reach a depth of 150m.

Donkey Ride

There are 3 ways to get to and from Fira to the old port – by foot 588 steps, by cable car or by donkey!

Donkeys have played a very important role in the past of Greece and especially in the island country, as in Santorini of which they are part of the charming land of the island. Santorini has many inaccessible paths, countless stairs, on which a donkey will happily take you for a charming and somewhat nostalgic ride.

Live this experience and choose a donkey ride that departs from the old port to Fira or vice versa.

It takes two to paddle

Three famed volcanic beaches (Red, White and Black), eerie sea caves, and imposing rock formations that look like sculptures, including “Indian Rock,” so named for its likeness to the facial profile of a Native American, are all on the itinerary as you paddle your kayak along the southern coast of Santorini.

But there will be surprises as well; for one thing, you’re likely to run into plenty of members of the animal kingdom, including the Eleonora’s falcon, shoals of fish, sea turtles and, as you reach the shore, partridges and rabbits.

If you’re in good physical condition, it’s worth paddling into the caldera (southwest), where you’ll find yourself in a truly surreal setting, or to the edge of the bay at Kamari on the southeast coast, to see the abandoned rock-hewn hermitages at Mesa Vouno, where monks lived in the 17th century.

Village Hopping

In the quieter, lesser-known villages of Santorini, there’s plenty to explore as you lose yourself in labyrinthine alleys and make your way up to the fortified medieval districts, or kastelia, that crown many of their hilltops.

Pyrgos, once the island’s capital (7.5 km from Fira) and still its highest settlement, is built around one of these kastelia below Mt Profitis Ilias. A short ascent will be required, but you’ll be rewarded with sights such as the Theotokaki, a tiny 14th-century chapel, and a panoramic view of the nearby islands. In the village, you’ll find boutique cafés, elegant restaurants and small art galleries. If you have a penchant for antiques, a veritable treasure trove awaits at Crossroad Antiques. Alternatively, relax with a cool ouzo in the shade of the main square.

Emporio (9km from Fira) used to be the commercial hub of Santorini. Today, it’s the largest village on the island, an enchanting maze of small houses, arches and passageways so narrow at some points that only one person can squeeze through at a time. Following the signposts uphill, you’ll come to the kasteli, where the fronts of the tightly packed houses form part of the fortification. Before leaving, take time for a Greek coffee at one of the two traditional cafés, among the most charming on the island.

Evening Swimming under the moon

Late night fun does not only meen partying. One experience that is very simple to tackle, include it in your itinerary and will give you amazing memories from Greece, is to swim under the moon-lighted night Santorini sky. Choose a quiet spot, away from the lights in the picturesque Ammoudi beach and dare a dive! The feeling of freedom is sure to excite you and give you the best night’s sleep!

Historic Heritage Tour at Akrotiri

Tour through Akrotiri, a settlement on Santorini that was covered in ash in 1500 BC, on a 2-hour guided tour. During your tour, follow your guide through the city to see how it was organized. Hear about the tragic events that buried the city after a volcanic eruption and learn why this contributed to it being well-preserved. Discover the way people lived 4,000 years ago as you stroll past private houses and public buildings and observe signs of a sophisticated infrastructure. You will also see some of the famous artwork, including pottery, furniture, and frescoes from the time, and find out about the other works stored at a nearby museum.

Surfing or Wind Surfing in Santorini

Yes, Santorini can also be a destination for surfing! There are more than 3 beaches where you can ride the waves, starting from small and easy swell conditions that can allow a start up to beginners, to bigger waves that makes things even more interesting.

Beginner and ready to catch the wind while in Santorini on your board? Learn how to ride the board and to manage the sail on the beach, and get in the water to try out windsurfing for your first time. Accessible to everyone, the beginner course takes place in Avis beach, near the airport of Santorini. The beach is quite wide and not so crowded which makes it ideal for everyone to take his first steps windsurfing.

The experienced instructors will give you an introduction on the beach and then help you get on board in the sea and most of all have great fun!

Keep Walking

Santorini isn’t an obvious destination for hardcore hikers who want to lose themselves in nature, but its walking paths hold many unexpected delights.

The island’s most scenic trail – an absolute must – is the one that connects Fira and Oia. Most of the route is stone-paved and follows the rim of the caldera. Along the way, there are two places you can stop for water, ice and a rest; you’ll often meet fellow walkers here.

If, however, you’re looking for the road less traveled, try a tour of the inland countryside: follow the old path that connects Pyrgos and the tourist-free settlements of Exo Gonia and Episkopi Gonia, where you‘ ll discover ghostly neighborhoods of rock-hewn dwellings abandoned after the earthquake of 1956.

Horse Ride on the Beach

Whether you’re a skilled rider or have zero equestrian experience but dream of a movie-like horseback ride on the beach, you’ll have a story to tell for years about this experience on the less touristy southwest side of Santorini.

Setting out from the Akrotiri area, you’ll follow trails and country roads inland, passing vineyards and farmhouses, before reaching the picturesque Church of Aghia Anna with its striking blue dome. From there, you’ll head for the pristine beach of Katavati and then on to the lunar landscape that is Vlychada Beach, for unique snapshots with a dramatic backdrop of cliffs carved by the wind into passable imitations of structures by Gaudi.

Shopping at the Jewellery Street

Ask any local where Jewelry Street in Fira Town is and they’ll direct you to where there is, unsurprisingly, a large number of classy jewelry shops. It’s one block east of the street that runs along the caldera, going north from the cathedral. Be prepared to have your eye pop at, first, the designs, and then at the prices. You can try a little gentle haggling.

Waterside Tavernas

If Oia is too crowded for you, take the challenge of walking the 300 steps down to the fishing port of Ammoudi, far below it. Enjoy the waterside tavernas and the fresh fish brought in on the fishing boats you’ll see in the harbor. There are beautiful views too, of the island’s red cliffs, even with the uphill walk back.

Stroll around Bicycle-Style

You can rent cars on Santorini but why not rent a bicycle instead? You could cycle from Oia in the very north to the archaeological site of Akrotiri in the far south in little over an hour. Everywhere on the island is accessible by bike and this makes your trip sustainable too while offering you the perfect tan! To boast!

Cultural Tour

For a fuller appreciation of Santorini’s history, visits to three museums in the main town of Fira are essential: the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Ancient Thira (the original name for Santorini), and the Santozeum. The last one displays brightly-colored wall frescoes which miraculously survived the destruction of Akrotiri.