Paros Barefoot Package

For the beach Lovers, a must-see list of Paros beaches

Livadia beach is the closest authentic beach to Parikia, the capital of Paros, 700 meters from the harbour divided into several different sections from fully organized one with sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports facilities to more wild ones, shadowed by the trees that are boarding it. As Livadia Beach is located close to the campsite of Parikia, it can easily get crowded with young people.

Kolympithres beach is perhaps the most impressive and most must-seen beach in Paros because of its interesting geology. The granite rock formations are millions of years old and have created a unique scenery. The shape of the bay creates a natural division into two main beach areas, both served by its own beach club, with several, smaller patches of sandy beach in between the rocks. Two water sports centres flank the beach, offering a variety of activities including windsurfing, mini sailboats, kayaks, and SUPs.

Piperi beach is Naoussa’s most important beach, and it is just about 50 meters walk from the main road leading to the centre of the town and about 250 meters from Naoussa’s main fishing port. There you can snorkel or just sunbathe among the rocks. It is a tiny yet scenic beach and is perfect for swimming, scuba diving and even fishing with a view of Naoussa and its bay at a distance. It is about 350 meters from the town of Parikia with its eateries and bars. Piperi Beach is sometimes classified into the Megalo and Mikro Piperi (large and small beach). Both beaches are sandy and have crystal water.

Agia Irini beach is a small beach located a few kilometres south of Parikia and is boarded with beautiful palm trees, giving to the place a tropical atmosphere. A lovely church of the same name stands right on the beachfront. This is a dreamy site, but it can get crowded sometimes because it is small. Just behind the beach there is a very relaxing campsite, almost non-organized, full of palm trees and olive trees and has a very good tavern serving a big variety of Greek traditional food. Agia Irini beach is located far away from the asphalted road and must be reached from a footpath.

Logaras beach is in the south part of Paros, 18 km away from the island’s capital, Parikia. Situated a couple of km away from the village of Piso Livadi. It is a long sandy beach and is surrounded by bars and hotels. It is a medium-size beach while the sand is rather stony.

Agioi Anargiroi beach is a small bay in close distance to Naoussa, on the northern side of Paros. Part of this beach is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas, while the rest is secluded. Due to its distance to Naoussa, the second largest village of Paros, this beach gets crowded n summer. Some small hotels and rooms for rental surround this sandy coast.

Boat Tour Paros – Antiparos – Small Islands Around

Explore Paros and Antiparos’ beauty by the sea in this boat tour. First stop of your tour is at the pirate caves in the south of Paros. A magnificent cave were its said that the pirates used to hide there. Nice place for a morning swim and a cliff diving. Sail to Antiparos island with second stop at the beautiful Sostis beach, a small beach with green waters, a jewel on the southernmost part of  Antiparos. It strikes with its extremely transparent water in light and dark blue.

Third stop at the wonderful sea caves of Antiparos. Beautiful white cliffs overlooking the turquoise sea. The Cave of Antiparos is among the most beautiful and most significant in the world; this because, in addition to being an enchanting natural site worth seeing, it is inextricably linked to the history of the area and generates great archaeological interest. Fourth stop in the wild uninhabited Despotiko island. Here you will be served a lavish lunch based on specialties of Greek cuisine. Fifth and last stop is in the enchanting blue lagoon of Panteronisi islands, one of the best spots in all the Cyclades. Fresh fruit and local liqueurs will be offered here. Great snorkelling spot.

The Cave of Antiparos

In the south-eastern part of Antiparos you can explore the Cave of Antiparos, which is one of the oldest caves. Is in the area of Agios Giannis at an altitude of 175 meters. It is estimated to be from the Stone Age. To reach the lowest point of the cave at a depth of 100 meters, you will need to descend 411 steps.

Throughout the cave there are stalactites and stalagmites and here is also the oldest stalagmite in Europe, 45 million years old. At the entrance of the cave you can also see a small church that is dedicated to Saint John Spiliotis and dates back to the 18th century.

The opening hours of the Cave of Antiparos are daily from 10:00a.m. – 03:30p.m.

Amazing Sunset in Naoussa

The best place to watch the sunset in Paros is by Naoussa Harbour, a port with its Venetian castle. The scenery is complemented by the small boats at the port, the small churches and the colours of the sky and the sea that change every moment in the day. Each day, the harbour is bathed in golden light and people from all over descend on the myriad of top-class bars to watch the show.

Not only is the harbour achingly beautiful, but so too is the visual spectacle as the sun dips behind the mountains in the west.

Old Town of Parikia

Walk through the old town towards the Venetian castle (13th century) and to the church of Saint Konstantinos, which is situated on the highest spot of Parikia town. Continue your walk through the alleys which leads you to the main attractions of Paros, Panagia Ekatontapiliani, one of the oldest churches in the country built around 400 AC. , also called the church with One hundred gates.

Not only is an architectural and archaeological monument, the church of Our Lady of the Hundred Gates is one of the most important pilgrimage sites throughout Greece. It’s also been said that helps the woman that find difficulty of having a baby.

Kite or Wind surf in Paros

Paros is definitely one of the best islands to kite. It’s the home of kitesurfing and windsurfing fanatics from all over the world. Every summer, Golden Beach in Paros becomes the host for the windsurfing World Cup, while Pounta Bay beach is part of the kitesurfing world tour annually too.

Athletes and spectators alike get to immerse themselves in the adrenaline fueled sports all over the island every year. The island has become an ideal spot between water sport and wind sport enthusiasts to practice – although it is still a fairly well-kept secret of Greece. The winds are stable and consistent which allows for the perfect environment to hone your skills, try new techniques or even start up as a beginner. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced pro, the areas in Paros which are perfect for this sport are the Paros Kite Pro Centre at Pounta beach and the Paros Surf Club at Golden Beach

Sunset Horse-Riding in Logaras Beach

Enjoy a 2 hour evening horse-ride in one of Paros beautiful beaches and enter the sea with your horse. Through this tour you can discover the countryside of Paros. The horse instructor will teach you how to feel confutable and free while riding your horse. Starting off from the area of Kakapetra (located at the Southside of Parikia), then you will pass by the Parasporos and afterwards, you will stop at the wonderful beach of Agia Irini for a coffee or refreshment.

Subsequently, you will pass by the luxury area of Aspries & then you will reach the wonderful little chapel of Taxiarchaki, where the panoramic view of Parikia bay with the sunset, will leave you speechless.

Amazing Beach Hike Tour

In this beach hike tour will be able to admire Paros from a different perspective. You will start the walking tour in the port town of Parikia where you can grab a pastry from one of the best local bakeries. You will be led on an off-the beat track to hike through a small mountain to reach a crystal-clear beach that is perfect for snorkelling. The hike has some incredible views looking over the heart shaped bay of Paros.

This is not a difficult hike so it is possible for everyone to do it, you don’t need to be super fit for it.

Stargazing Experience

Join in this unique Stargazing experience and find yourself floating among the stars. A service provided exclusively by the Astronomical Club of Cyclades, a non-profit organization and the 1st Astronomy club in the area. Get to know our galactic neighbourhood and explore Cosmos’ biggest mysteries.

Determine yourself into infinity and find out why we all are an impossibility into an impossible Universe. The meeting point is at the windmill opposite the main port of Parikia, or at Nautical Club of Paros at Livadia. Upon arrival, a full 2 hours cosmic journey begins.