Ikaria Deluxe Package

Nas Beach

Located 6km west of Armenistis, Nas is an idyllic place seemingly frozen in time. It is situated at the union of the Chalares River and the Aegean Sea and was the site of one of Ikaria’s earliest settlements.

During the 6th century BC, the Ikarians built in Nas a temple to the Goddess Artemis, patroness of sailors & protector of wild animals and hunters. Only the temple’s foundation and retaining walls of the Tauropolos waterfront of the ancient harbour are visible today and, but the natural beauty of Nas remains as it was in classical antiquity. The beach is open to nudists and non-nudists. Hiking up the riverbed will eventually bring you to a small waterfall and pool. On the cliff above the beach there are a few peaceful tavernas in which to try the local cuisine and rooms for rent with breath-taking views of the canyon, sea and the majestic Nas sunset, the best sunset on the island and one of the most beautiful in the Aegean. The name “Nas” derives from the Latin word for a temple. In Greek, the word is ‘’Naos’’.

Livadi Beach

Located on the north side of Ikaria in the Armenistis resort area, Livadi beach is blessed with pure and natural golden sand. A year-round river fed lagoon surrounded by lush green vegetation completes the beautiful setting.

On the beach there are canteens  serving drinks, snacks, umbrellas, chairs and kayaks for hire. Descending to the beach from the west side path/stairs there is a secluded small sandy cove beach named Ammoudaki. The east end of the beach features a beach bar-restaurant as well as the clifftop Atsachas Rooms & Restaurant overlooking the beach. Body/board surfing atop the waves is possible on some days. A parking lot for the beach is at the bottom of the access road that descends to the beach from the main road above. Cars may also park along the main road above the beach.

Therma Beach

Located in the city of Therma, Ikaria’s centre for radio energic therapeutic hot mineral springs spa therapy, Therma Beach is easily accessible and ideal for all ages. The beach is sandy and located in a protected cove. Behind the beach are various cafes and restaurants, and a water taxi and local bus shuttles to and from Agios Kirikos throughout the day. Kayaks and peddle boats are rented on the beach.

There is also a rinse shower and a few public umbrellas available to the public for free. This natural hot mineral spring runs into the sea forming a small pool where it is possible to enjoy the thermal waters while bathing in the sea. Therma is also the centre of Ikaria’s Therapeutic Thermal Baths and facilities.

Seychelles Beach

This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Ikaria. Seychelles beach is in a picturesque and intimate cove, 20 km south-west of Agios Kirikos, this beach has bright pebbles and rocks, emerald waters and is surrounded by impressive rock formations, creating a wonderful setting. The access to the beach is possible via a path starting on the main road and descending along the river bed.

Firodi Beach

Located in the village of Magganitis, the beautiful sand-pebble beach of Firodi is frequented mainly by the local villagers. It is called “Firodi” by transformation of the name which belonged to a queen who was buried there according to local tradition. A short walk southwest from the beach along the paved road brings you to the village port where there is a picturesque cafe/bar serving drinks and food.

Kampos Beach

Located in the village of Kampos, the ancient Ikarian capital of Oinoe, Kampos beach is a long and sandy beach popular in the summer with residents of Kampos and Evdilos. Bamboo and other plants grow right up until the water’s edge within the river delta that forms the beach. There are umbrellas and sunbeds for hire, a snack-bar on the beach and a popular bar/club just atop the beach.

The nearby village has an archaeological museum, Byzantine ruins, rooms for rent, restaurants, village mini-market and cafes.

Messakti beach Surf day

Ikaria’s sandy beaches with the blue crystal clear waters are ideal for surfing. During your holidays in Ikaria, there’s nothing better to do than take up a surfing class to learn how to surf or simply improve your skills.

Ikaria Surf School surf lessons, are held by experienced and certificated instructors. They will teach you everything you need to know to feel comfortable on the board and start riding the waves. All the surf lessons are adjusted to cover all student levels. So don’t worry if you have no experience. A video analysis is also available for the extent technical improvement. In this way you can adjust your training to the specific point in need of improvement, and advance rapidly. There is also a photographer capturing every moment of the course for you to keep your great surfing memories!

Keep in mind that surfing is a sport that is fully depended on the weather conditions. Changes to the procedure of the surf lessons are possible. In this case an alternative schedule will be followed. The surf school is in Messakti beach.

Sailing Day Trip To Fournoi, "The Pirate Islands"- Snorkelling – Kayaking

In this tour you can see the Aegean Sea around Ikaria which is a sailing paradise. The short distance between Ikaria and its island neighbours, Fournoi Islands, makes Ikaria’s south coast an ideal base for day sailing trips. Experience a fun day filled of adventure and sailing to Fournoi’s beautiful beaches and mysterious hidden coves.

The Fournoi Islands, also known as the “Pirate Islands”, used to be a frequent passage for pirate ships! Fournoi are also the place with the most sunken shipwrecks anywhere in the world! Fournoi is a well-known fishermen’s island and famous for its fresh and affordable seafood and lobster. The sailing trip features snorkelling, kayaking and swimming at a choice of different coves and beaches and the option to have your lunch at a seaside taverna or onboard. In the end of the trip, you can go for a walk high above the island and admire the amazing panoramic views or explore the nearby port town of Thymaina.

Diving Trips - Ikaria & Fournoi Islands

Be part of an amazing trip, diving in the Aegean Sea and coastline around Ikaria and its neighbouring island chain, Fournoi. You will have the chance to see numerous wrecks, underwater geology.

Several interesting dive sites are available among them a rare WWII warplane shot down off the south coast of Ikaria (depth of 17m), a cargo ship sunk off the island’s northeast tip (depth of 14-21m), the geologically active sea floor with hot springs and vents (depth of 10m), natural reef, cave areas and underwater boulder gardens.

The Fournoi Islands Archipelago, Ikaria’s neighbour, was recently discovered to have one of the largest concentrations of ancient shipwrecks in the world! Don’t worry if you have never dived before, the experienced dive instructors will quide you how to take your first dive lessons so to enjoy this wonderful trip.

Winery Tour & Wine Tasting With Winemaker

This 4-hour tour gives you the chance to visit a wonderful local winery and meet the winemaker while seeing a vineyard. You will visit the mini folklore museum, the granite press, the “anti-pirate” stone house, the winery, the wine cellar and the cistern. The tour is led by the most established professionals, either by a certified sommelier, or from the winemaker himself.

Hear about the various steps of wine-making and the aging process before tasting the range of all the delicious local  wines, accompanied by local cheeses, delicacies, and an amazing lunch. When the tour finishes you will be able to know about the secrets of winemaking.

The Rock Of Icarus’ Fall

The Rock of Icarus’ Fall is located in the middle of the sea, 50 meters away from the beach of Vaoni, on the south part of Ikaria. According to the myth, at that point Icarus lost his wings and fell into the sea. At that point in the land, a statue is built and a small outdoor amphitheatre, where festivals take place. In a field across the water, lie the pieces of a broken iron mine cart, which is referred to as the “blood of Icarus”, according to local tradition. It is a great spot for taking some photos and enjoying the beautiful scenery.